6 benefits of playing sports help you live more actively

Daily exercise and exercise is considered the golden key in improving health and maintaining physique. Besides, regular exercise also brings many unexpected benefits that you may not know.

According to the research of many experts, opinions of many doctors and practical experience of many people, playing sports has practical benefits as follows:

1. Maintain a reasonable weight, improve physique

When exercising, the body will have a process of burning calories, reducing the amount of cholesterol and excess fat in the body. Help you maintain a healthy weight and improve a healthy toned physique. Those who are overweight and obese, if taking care of sports, burning a lot of energy with a reasonable and scientific weight loss diet, the opportunity to get in shape very quickly, time to improve has clear results. markedly within 1 month only.

2. Reduce stress

Regular physical exercise not only burns calories, but it also releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine, which help relieve stress and anxiety. Playing sports regularly with teammates, friends, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, the stresses, anxieties in life will be eliminated, instead of the spirit of joy, joy and comfortable.

3. Improve the brain

Playing sports with vigorous exercise will help increase oxygen levels to the brain. The brain absorbs enough oxygen to help the blood circulation, improve memory, concentrate and limit headaches due to stressful work.

4. Support in the treatment of depression

Team sports activities like cycling, yoga, badminton, tennis help increase neurotransmission and increase endorphine and se’rotonine hormones. This makes you happier and happier. On the other hand, playing sports in a team or group will help you have a positive mind. For people with signs of depression, it will help them to be closer, friendly and sociable.

5. Improve the living room

The benefits of playing sports are evident in your sex life. According to the research results, if women practice yoga, walking, men participate in activities such as soccer, badminton will help both sublimation in the room. Women will improve the decline of sexual desire, while men will improve physiology and improve erections.

6. Help the cardiovascular system healthy

According to research results of many experts, exercising and sports will help blood flow to the brain more easily, increase the amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body, limit the occurrence of thrombosis, thereby very useful for cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

With 6 benefits of playing sports that are good for life and health like this, it is thought that if people maintain this activity every day, people will be healthier, and happier.

What are the benefits of playing table tennis daily?

You are a regular participant in table tennis, but do you know what are the benefits of playing table tennis for your health and spirit? Let’s find out interesting information to answer this question!

Today, table tennis is not only a sport played in the Olympics, but it has been a popular sport that many people participate in health promotion exercises. So why are table tennis so many enthusiasts and options like that?

According to the share of long-time table tennis players, playing table tennis brings a lot of benefits in terms of health, physical and mental. Specifically, playing table tennis has the following effects.

Firstly, table tennis is a sport to help you have a comprehensive health. Table tennis is a very good sport for the player’s health, especially good for the heart. Not only that, playing table tennis also helps you consume huge calories, train endurance and quick reaction, increase the sensitivity for eyes and limbs. On the other hand, with table tennis, you will be less likely to suffer serious and dangerous injuries such as fractures, head injuries… like other sports.

Secondly, table tennis is a very good sport for the brain. According to the latest research from scientists, when playing table tennis you will have to perform flexible reflexes, the brain must be active for tactics as well as remembering and responding to the ball phase. has a very fast speed. This allows you to be more agile and more flexible in reflexes and thoughts. The benefit of table tennis to the brain is not inferior to chess.

Thirdly, table tennis helps you create challenges for yourself and practice racket habits over difficulties. Table tennis is easy to play but very difficult to master, to play well. You will always have new challenges for yourself to create different techniques, tactics, and hitting balls with your own personal impression. Therefore, it makes you try to overcome difficulties ahead.

Next, table tennis is a fun sport, helping you relax most comfortably after hours of hard labor. Whether playing professionally or not, this simple sport is still attracted by the high resistance. Beat or play for fun, you also have reasons to have jokes, moments of suspense and refreshing opportunities. The excitement of table tennis matches is not inferior to basketball or football matches.

Finally, table tennis is a sport to help you make new friends, very good for daily work. Recently, the image of the leaders of China – USA or USA – England happily fighting together at a table tennis table has spread everywhere. Even US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have been paired with students in a diplomatic operation. These are senior leaders, and for us table tennis can help you easily make new friends or maintain relationships that make it more convenient in daily life and work.

Find out 4 reasons you should play sports

You are idle and do not know what to do to entertain and improve your health at the same time. So playing sports is the right advice for you.

Here we go to learn the benefits and why we should play sports.

1. Playing sports helps improve health

Firstly, playing sports can give you a healthy life and a healthy body. In other words, it increases the resistance of disease. In your free time, you can play sports with your friends or relatives, which not only helps you but also motivates everyone around you to participate in sports and good health.

2. Playing sports makes the brain more flexible

Indeed, the brain structure is complex from many neurons. This is a special type of cell that doesn’t reproduce. That’s why stressful study or research activities happen to be a waste of those valuable cells. Let neurons go to another more interesting playground.

Play free soccer, basketball is the number one choice for teenagers. You must know that no one who is not smart but plays sports well. And no nation is ignorant to have a developed sport. When playing sports the endocrine glands in the body increase activity. Beneficial hormones are more secreted. Stress state thereby being released, the brain is better nourished.

3. Playing sports helps you have a perfect body

The one thing everyone knows is that playing sports requires a lot of exercises. This will help you lose a significant amount of excess fat. Not only that, with sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball… is also the most effective method to help you increase height quickly. Surely you will have a perfect physique when playing sports.

4. Social benefits

Playing sports is sure to meet people, especially as a member of a sports club like volleyball club, badminton or football and regularly participating in the sports you will develop your individual qualities from the following:

• Collaboration – working with others

• Competition – test yourself with others.

• Physical challenge – test yourself with the environment or show your best.

• Perceptive art – recognition of the quality of movement in a performance.

Above are the benefits of playing sports to explain why we should play sports every day. Choose yourself a sport and play it today to make your life more meaningful than you.

The rookies are expected by the fans in the Champions League

The top football tournament in Europe for the 2019-2020 season has many young talents like Ansu Fati.

Ansu Fati (Barcelona)

After debuting in the first round of La Liga, as the youngest player in Barca history for nearly 80 years (16 years and 298 days), Ansu Fabi was coached by coach Valverde at the beginning of the second half in the context of the second half. The home team is 1-0 down by Osasuna. After 5 minutes of presence, in 51 minutes, Ansu Fati made Barca fans excited when he headed to equalize 1-1 for the Catalan team.

Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich)

In June 2017, he became the youngest player to join the Canadian national team – his hometown. With two goals scored in the 2017 CONCACAF Cup (football tournament organized by the North, Central America and Caribbean Football Association) with Guiana, he became the youngest player to score for the Canadian national team and best scored at CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Erling Braut Håland (Red Bull Salzburg)

Erling Braut Håland (Norway) takes the position of striker of Red Bull Salzburg Club (Austria). He has a large figure, good speed and the ability to kick 11m so easily cause waves with the enemy defense system.

Born in England but Håland devoted to recruiting Norwegian nationals in different age groups. In Norway U19 shirt, he scored a hat-trick against Scotland in a 5-4 victory. Håland also scored the only goal in the U19 match against Norway 1-1 in the UEFA U19 European Championship 2018.

Florentino Luis (Benfica)

Florentino Ibrain Morris Luis (Portugal) is competing for Benfica B in LigaPro (Portuguese Premier League) as a defensive midfielder. He started his career at Real S.C. 2009.

Last season, Florentino Luis matured in Benfica shirt. The star, born in 1999, made 14 appearances for the first team, including 11 matches in Portugal’s highest league and three in the Champions League.

Every time he was given the opportunity, he showed his ability. Many fans praised him as a defensive midfielder who is capable of dispute and good judgment. Luis is currently interested in many great teams.

Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)

Lisandro Martínez (Argentina) currently plays as a center back for Ajax (Netherlands) and the Argentina national team. In addition to his position as a center-back, he can take on the role of a left-back or a defensive midfielder.

Playing sports hobby of some national leaders

With the concept that playing sport is to train the body, the heads of the world usually start a new day with the exercises for the body to be flexible and a robust body.


The Prime Minister of Australia, Howard, a former lawyer from a Sydney suburb is a strong leader who has good control of economic and national security issues. He loves sports, especially cricket. He also plays tennis, golf, and is a fan of Australia’s St. George football team.


King Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah loves sports and plays polo very well. The Sultan of Brunei is very supportive of the country’s sports movement and to remember those contributions, a magnificent national stadium was built in his name. In addition, King Hassanal Bolkiah also loves walking, sailing. He also owns hundreds of horses for polo sports.


President George W. Bush, in addition to his daily political duties, he often plays golf to relieve stress. During meetings with world leaders, President Bush often invites them to play golf.


President Vladimir Putin is famous for his image of wearing a judo uniform. He was not the first leader in the world to learn mitsu, but the first to reach the level of black belt. In December 2005, President Putin was elected Honorary Chairman of the European judo committee. He is also the President of Yawara Dojo, the dojo at St. Petersburg where he practiced young. A book by V.Putin co-authored about his favorite sport, was published in English under the title Judo: “History, theory, practice. Mr. Putin is the best at Harai goshi, a how to throw with the hip”. During a visit to Japan, President Putin was invited to the Kodokan Academy to perform in front of Japanese trainees and officials many judo techniques.

New Zealand

Helen Clark, who loves art, regularly goes to concerts and musicals, and is passionate about hiking and skiing. In 1999, before reaching the peak of her power, she conquered Africa’s highest Kilimanjaro (5,895m).


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, born on September 21, 1954 in a famous Japanese family. Shinzo Abe moves fast on the path to Japan’s most powerful position with virtually no problems. Mr. Abe was highly appreciated by the Japanese people when he once revealed his hobby of playing baseball, the No. 1 favorite sport in Japan.