Learn about the long history of football sport in the world

Football is a sport with a long history, receiving the attention of billions of people. This is a subject that brings a lot of inspiration and spirit to people. However, not everyone knows football history. To learn more about this favorite sport in the UK, check out the following articles!

Where did football come from?

Football is a popular sport, available in every country. Therefore, many questions raise the origin of football from which country. This is a long-standing sport with many techniques, rules, and forms of organization in many countries.

The ancient football hometown originated in China

So many people speculated football originated in England. Because England is known as the home of football. But in fact, this is not. England is just a ticketing country to show fans the first football matches.

So where does football come from? According to information from FIFA, the oldest football is called chrysanthemum. The sport originated in China in the 2nd or 3rd century BC. Football appeared in the Han Dynasty, and this is a physical exercise for the Han army.

Then football became a different version in some countries such as Kemari in Japan, Episkyros in Greece, Harpastum in Rome.

Football history is formed through the ages

In the above section, we can see the homeland of ancient football that originated in China. After this, football has been improved and changed over time according to many different laws and techniques. Specifically, football formed through the following stages:

Ancient football history

Football was born around the 2nd or 3rd century BC in China. From the mid-19th century, football was popular in several English schools. The football club founded in 1824 as “The Football Club” is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Football was born around the 2nd or 3rd century BC in China

By 1850, formed some amateur football. The highlight is the Sheffield FC club. This is the world’s oldest club in existence. In 1886, the International Football Association Board, abbreviated as IFAB, was established in Manchester. The team is under the management of Scotland, football associations Ireland, Wales, and the FA.

It is also the agency responsible for regulating world football law. By the early 20th century, football was thriving and there was a need for an agency to oversee football matches. By 2008, FIFA had more than 200 countries participating as members. Up to now, world football has turned to a more professional level.

Things you should know when betting on basketball online (Part 2)

Virtual basketball betting will include multiple pairs from matches. Matches that must include both teams starting on the same day will not be considered void.

Multi-innings winning bets will be settled for the team with the most goals in a match. If it is a tie, neither team will win. Overtime is not included in the market.

Other forms of basketball betting

Online basketball betting is diverse with many different forms. If you are a beginner, it will take some time to get used to these forms. Here is the most popular type of basketball betting nowadays.

Online basketball betting is diverse with many different forms


This handicap has bets on before the match starts, the session cannot be changed at the start of the match. This handicap is quite difficult and takes a while to master.

Parity betting

Just predict an odd or even result regardless of which team wins or which team loses.

Over and Under

This is also known as the Big bet. If the total result of the match is greater than the deal offered by the dealer is Over, the lower is Under.


Player bets on many different matches to form a par, with no limit on the number of markets but only one losing proposition will lose.

Live to bet

Players rely on the results of a live basketball match to determine whether they win or lose.

Half betting

Each match has two halves, players can bet on basketball either 1st or 2nd half.

Set betting

The player will bet on the innings with the most points. This way just predict which team will score the most points in the turn. Players have to wait for 4 innings to finish the money is deposited into their account.

Above are the basic terms and betting types you need to know when betting on basketball online. Good luck!

Experience you should know to increase the winning rate in basketball betting

When playing basketball betting, you need a tip to win quickly. If you are a new player, you definitely cannot overlook some of the following experiences.

First, it is not advisable to bet all money on a match. Know how to split the bet amount to place the bet in such a way that you can quickly equalize for losing bets, increasing the odds of winning in the following games. Trying to put money in a door will only make money lost, crippled.

Second, calculate the odds so that it is reasonable. Please learn carefully about the performance, achievements as well as the list of players … to get the basis of evaluating the rate of victory and loss between matches. Here’s how to help you increase your odds of winning matches.

Third, pay attention to the problem of the total bet. The dealer may judge the number of points in each match, but these statements are not always correct. So you cannot bet by looking at the house’s score. Use your knowledge and experience to choose the luckiest door.

Here are some basketball tournaments to bet on.

North American Professional Basketball Tournament (NBA)

NBA’s full name is the National Basketball Association – The North American professional basketball tournament. Awarded by FIBA ​​(World Basketball Confederation) with the participation of 30 talented clubs. The first NBA basketball tournament was held in June 1946 in New York City.

NBA is the most popular basketball tournament to bet on

The North American professional basketball tournament is divided into two federations of two different regions, the West and the East. Each federation consists of 3 regions divided by 5 teams. The tournament proceeds with three pre-season, Regular Season, and playoffs. Currently, the NBA is a popular tournament that attracts many followers around the world.

In this article, we introduced you to basketball. And information about the fastest winning basketball betting experience. Hopefully, through this article, you will get an objective view of this online betting form. Good luck when you join the game!

Things you should know when betting on basketball online (Part 1)

Today’s online betting forms are innovating with different genres and prizes. Of which basketball betting is one of the new favorites. Basketball promises to bring relaxing moments with prizes when the bets are won. You can watch the basketball match online after placing a bet. Join us to learn more about this basketball betting!

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and the most popular sport in America. This sport competes in the form of combat. Consists of two different teams, each team will consist of 5 athletes. Each match will have 2 innings divided into 4 turns of 10 minutes each. The team that scores more goals in the opponent’s basket will win. If the halves are finished but both teams still draw, extra time will be played.

What is basketball betting? This is a form of money that is applied to basketball at a certain rate set by the house. Accordingly, players will choose to place bets on either round or in turn. Successful bets will receive attractive winnings and rewards.

Basketball betting rules

The rules of basketball betting are different from the rules of basketball. Accordingly, you must understand the following contents. Basketball wagers are based on the final result of the match for calculation. This includes official competition time and extra time.

The rules of basketball betting are different from the rules of basketball

Bets are refunded when the basketball match schedule changes. If a match is started but is abandoned or suspended 12 hours from the start then full-match bets will still be valid if 43 minutes have been completed in an NBA match, 35 minutes with other matches.

The result is divided into two halves, the first half is the sum of the first and second innings. In which the 4th round does not include any extra time.

Basketball live betting will not update the score. The handicap odds displayed in live trading indicate the score at kick-off was 0 – 0.

First Score Bets will be settled for the team to score the first score. Bets for the team with the last score will be settled for the team to score the last score of the match (including overtime play).

Bets are canceled when the match is suspended or canceled.

Learn about the origins and development of cricket sport (Part 2)

The early development of cricket sport

The cricket game took a real place in England, especially in the southeast districts in the second half of the 17th century. The aristocracy and most people retreated to their counties in Prosperity. Chung and was heavily involved in village cricket like a game last time. However, the game would spread to London when the Federation expired in 1660.

The monarch’s restoration in England was followed by reopening theaters and the lifting of sanctions imposed on sports. Cricket becomes top entertainment because it is ideal for wagons. Cricket is also regarded by the aristocracy as one of the major sports along with horse racing and wins prizes.

Cricket became one of the favorite recreational sports in the UK. Due to the growing popularity of cricket, the nobility returned to London after the Restoration to develop games that brought in local experts from the village. The London Cricket Club and the Mitcham Cricket Club were then formed during this period to further influence the development of the game.

The first cricket matches

The first cricket matches had no protective clothing or equipment. Cricket became a leading sport in London and other Southeast counties between 1726 and 1763. Having been a rural pastime for more than a century before the Restoration, cricket became a staple mind for the rich and gamblers interested in funding its growth in the 18th century.

The first cricket matches had no protective clothing or equipment

A lot of money was poured into the game leading to the establishment of the historic district soccer team. The media’s interest in the game has also grown with the development of journalism. Artillery in London has become an important venue for cricket with important matches taking place in front of an increasingly large crowd.

An aspect of the Championship exists purely for bragging rights even though there is no recognized competition. Violence is accepted as part of the game, with most acts of violence motivated by alcohol and gambling. The originally written rules of a cricket game were implemented in 1727 while the first was in 1744.

Learn about the origins and development of cricket sport (Part 1)

The origins of cricket anywhere in the world are not clear so far. However, experts believe the word creag is an early spelling for craic which means fun and games.

What is cricket?

Cricket is a team sport that is popular in many countries in the world, especially in the United Kingdom. The popularity of this sport is only behind football. Cricket has about 2.5 billion players and followers. Cricket plays between two teams, 11 players each, on a circular pitch.

The purpose of a match is two take turns, a serve, and a batting team. After all batting team players are disqualified, one team will switch to pitch, and the other team will enter the field to be a batting team. This sport does not have a deadline like a football, but plays until the game is won or lost, so some matches last for 5 days.

The origin of cricket

This sport is believed to have existed for generations as a children’s game before it was introduced by adults in the 17th century.

Cricket is believed to have existed for generations

Cricket was played in grazing land with its first tools including fleece lumps or stone is blurred like a ball and a stick or other agricultural implements such as bats. The first mention of the word cricket dates back to 1587 in a lawsuit involving a disputed plot of land in Guildford.

In a statement by John Derrick, he said that his classmates played a burglar creckett on a dispute page proving that cricket was played in Surrey in early 1550.

How the name Cricket was derived?

The word cricket is believed to originate from some words. In early publications and references, it is spelled creckett which can be made up of a Dutch word krick (-e) meaning stick, or from an old English word cricc or cryce there means crutches or staff. The French word crique related to a wooden pillar is also believed to be the origin of it.

However, it is most likely that the word cricket originates from the words used in Southeast England, which was heavily influenced by Central Holland at the time because of its commercial relationship with Flander County.

Stories about the origins and popularity of cricket in the UK

Sport plays an important role in England. Some of the popular sports in the UK include football, rugby, cricket, boxing, golf, hockey, basketball, badminton, and racing among others. The country has the national team in most of these sports with the prominence of the national teams.

Sports operations in England are governed by Sports England, also responsible for distributing funds and providing strategic guidance. Top 4 in England that operate high-end professional tournaments include football, rugby, cricket, and tennis. These sports are also the most attractive betting sports in the UK nowadays.

In today’s article, we will explore the stories about the origins of cricket – one of the most favored sports in the UK.

The origin of cricket in the UK

The British Empire used to occupy 23% of the total land area of ​​the world, which made the sport with sticks and balls developed in many places, especially in the regions of the British Union. Common Prosperity).

Cricket is an important recreational sport in the UK

As cricket matches can last, notable world tournaments take place between national teams or regions only, with a limited number of matches per year.

Cricket is the fourth most popular sport in the UK by its viewership and has made a significant contribution to the growth of the sport in the country.

Overview of Cricket in the UK

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UK ranked fourth after football, rugby, and tennis. This sport has existed and played in England since the mid-16th century and gradually gained popularity across different classes of the country.

Cricket is an important recreational sport in the country with some clubs playing at different levels. The village cricket is an important aspect of British culture. England was the pioneer of indoor cricket with the first indoor cricket tournament being completed in 1976, in which more than 400 clubs participated.

The history of the cricket bats

The UK national cricket team is a member of the International Cricket Council. This allows the UK to participate in various international cricket games including the ICC World Cricket Cup and Twenty20 International. Great Britain enjoyed the competition and with Australia on an international level they competed for Ashes.

The domestic professional cricket system in the UK includes 18 district clubs from England and Wales. All clubs named after the historical countries they originally represented. The clubs are dependent on subsidies from the Cricket Councils of both England and Wales.

The clubs compete in the District Championship, a two-team tournament consisting of nine teams. The championship is played for four days. The British and Welsh cricket councils are responsible for developing and managing Cricket in Wales and England

The most attractive online betting sports in the world nowadays (Part 2)

Betting on E-sports

In recent years, Esports has been receiving the attention of many people. For esports, the matches staked will focus on the classics that attract the most participation. Currently, floating games are often offered for betting including DotA 2, League of Legends…

All professional gamers eat and sleep with the games to improve their level. Therefore, the skills of the participating players play an important role in deciding the outcome of the match. As long as a participant is a gamer or regularly watches the game, the odds of winning will increase significantly.


This sport is loved in betting because of the intensity it offers. Besides, this is also a fairly predictable sport when you only need to grasp the achievements, performance… of two players on the field to give high accuracy results. Besides the above sports, there are a bunch of other interesting options that you can consider.

Advantages and disadvantages of online betting on sports


Currently, sports betting has never been hot, especially football. At the same time, individual games are also popular today because they are easy to bet and predict. Sports betting has advantages that no other game has such as follows.

Diversity of rafters with unpredictable metamorphosis, increased stimulation.

Suitable for both novices and veteran players. There are many sports with a variety of rafters for you to practice before trying out the better ones

Sports betting has many advantages

Also, it would be great if you have someone familiar with coaching player or player in the game you bet, they will help you analyze the matches and make better predictions.

Feeling thrilled to mingle with your favorite sport, making big money.

Easily connect with a community of similar interests when playing sports betting.


In case you do not like sports or do not understand it thoroughly, or, you cannot predict then sports betting is not the best choice for you. On the other hand, sports betting is addictive, so you need to be able to control your mind well so that you do not lose momentum.The reputable bookmakers should choose to play sports betting


Playing sports betting is indispensable for any bookie. In addition to selecting games and bookmakers, you should also learn about betting tips from reputable sites to improve your betting ability. Good luck!

The most attractive online betting sports in the world nowadays (Part 1)

In the article below, we will find out which betting sports are the most popular and attractive nowadays. Let’s check out!

The most popular betting sports

From 1960 up to now, football betting has become more and more famous and has become the most popular betting sport in the world. With just one match, this king sport can make millions of hearts excited and on the same side.

Football betting

Football betting becomes easy compared to many other disciplines because almost every gambler has a certain knowledge of football. On the other hand, the sports betting tips on this king are also varied.

A variety of large and small tournaments are taking place every day, the most famous being the Premier League, Copa American, Asian Cup, Euro…

Besides, the number of extremely “huge” odds for you to freely choose from 1 × 2, Asian handicap, Over/Under…

It can be said that the love of fans, diversity in football is the fulcrum to help the king sport so many people bet.

Basketball betting

Another sports game that many people love when betting is basketball. Similar to football, basketball is an indispensable sport on the list of bookmakers. You can find a variety of major basketball tournaments around the world, most notably the NBA. This is also the easiest tournament to predict because you can place your trust and bet on the most popular teams.

Of course, basketball also has many unexpected variables when a team can be turned upstream by two or three-point throws. This makes basketball in the eyes of many people more attractive and dramatic.

Tennis betting

Besides being an exciting sport, tennis is also one of the best options for you. Unlike team sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball… Tennis has only 2 to 4 players on the field.

All the information you need to consider is the location of the match and the technique and performance of one or several participating players. This makes it easier for bettors to predict the outcome than to find out information and predict the course of group sports.

Each year there will be four major tennis events taking place and other minor events. Therefore, you can always bet on this sport.

Rules of basketball betting and instructions on how to bet on this sport (Part 3)

1st half, 2nd half bets

A normal basketball match will have 4 sets (set). Each regulation period is 10 minutes. The rules of basketball betting are as follows.

The first half is calculated according to the results of set 1 and set 2; 2nd half is calculated according to the result of set 3 and set 4. The condition is that the match must be conducted throughout, do not stop halfway or cancel the result. If this happens then bets on 1st and 2nd half will be void.

Handicap parlay

At 188Bet you will have many rafts to join. Parlay bets do not require you to select at least or at most how many rafts. You guys like to bet on parlay 2, parlay 3, parlay 4. But only one bet you lose, even if the remaining bets win, the outcome of the parlay you have entered is a failure.

Mix Parlay

If you play multiple parlay bets on the same match, this is called a combination parlay bet. For mixed parlay bets, you can only choose 1 single play. Specific rules for winning and losing will apply according to the principle of each way to play it.

Live to bet

In basketball betting at the house of 188Bet, there are two forms of bet as follows/

One is a bet before the game takes place, Two are a parallel bet as soon as the game is being played. For live betting, you will have 3 options: direct handicap, direct top or bottom parity. Live betting will be divided into 2 phases as 1st half (set 1 and set 2); 2nd period (set 3 and set 4).

There are many types of attractive bets, right? These are the basic 188Bet bookmaker bets for basketball.

Above are rules of basketball betting and instructions on how to bet on this sport. Hopefully, the article is helpful for you. Good luck with the games!