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The world of football mourns the Swiss player

The world football community has expressed mourning for Swiss player Florijana Ismaili when rescuers confirmed the discovery of the ill-fated girl’s body after a swimming accident at Lake Como (Italy).

The 24-year-old female player who has 33 caps for the Swiss national team was listed as missing on June 29 after jumping from a boat into Lake Como and then failing to surface. According to Italian rescue forces, her body was found at a depth of 204 meters of Lake Como.

Ismaili’s accident shocked the Swiss football scene when the striker was one of the most experienced players in home football. She was the captain of the BSC Young Boys Club and participated in the 2015 women’s soccer World Cup after being summoned to the team a year earlier.

Nils Nielsen, coach of the Swiss women’s team, sadly shared: “I was very sad and dizzy. It was hard to accept that Flori was gone. The smile always appears on her face and her cheerful nature inspires us. She is the type of person who always wants to face challenges and set an example for others. I can imagine how people I know and are closer to Flori than I feel. So I would like to share with them in this time of grief”.

Xerdan Shaqiri – the Swiss player who has just won the Champions League under the Liverpool shirt, expressed his regret for Ismaili’s sudden departure on his Instagram page. “I was very shocked by Florijana Ismaili’s death. My family and I would like to express my condolences to the Ismaili family and those who love her”, Shaqiri wrote.

Ismaili has been in the best team of Swiss women’s football for four consecutive years, and is sure that she will continue to be on this list when the election for the 2018-2019 season takes place.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino, meanwhile, regrets when Ismaili leaves at a time when the soccer world is focusing on the women’s soccer World Cup. “This is an extremely painful time for the entire football community, especially when we are focusing on the Women’s World Cup. On behalf of FIFA and individuals, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the families and friends of Florijana, to the Swiss Football Federation and the BSC Young Boys”.

Son Heung-min was isolated in London to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Son Heung-min’s famous striker Son Heung-min was quarantined in England after returning to London from his home country of South Korea, the country where the outbreak of Covid-19.

Son Heung-min was isolated in London to prevent the spread of Covid-19. According to the British press, Tottanham’s star striker has just returned to South Korea to undergo surgery on his right arm fracture. Son Heung-min was injured in the match he scored to help Tottenham win Aston Villa 3-2 in the English Premier 2 weeks ago.

After being diagnosed, Son is likely to have to leave the end of this season. This is a huge loss for Jose Mourinho’s army when the Korean star has always been indispensable since he came to lead the London team.

According to The Sun, after completing the surgery in South Korea, the 27-year-old striker was immediately forced to quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The reason is that Korea is a country heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Last week, Son performed surgery in an area less than 200 km from the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in South Korea. Therefore, following the British government’s recommendations, to avoid infecting others, Son was isolated for 14 days in his London home.

According to The Sun, this non-mandatory quarantine has raised a lot of rumors and doubts that Son may be infected with Covid-19. However, with the Kimchi striker, the isolation does not have too many problems because he is also in the process of recovering from injuries.

However, Son will have to be patient in isolation because he will be banned from training sessions to greet his teammates due to local health authorities’ regulations.

Currently, Tottenham is showing signs of decline when it drops to 5th Premier League. In round 28, Mourinho’s army will face no small challenge when welcoming Wolves is flying high.

Sergio Ramos – the villain of the superhero era

Many people hate Ramos. But they cannot deny that he is the most interesting dash in the era of superheroes like Messi and Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have taken turns dominating world football for more than a decade. In the same period, Sergio Ramos built himself for another position. The Real center-back may not be as beloved as Messi or Ronaldo, but he’s undoubtedly the best butcher of football for more than 10 years.

Real Madrid’s 4-1 victory over Osasuna was recently a Ramos show. He scored, he kicked the opponent’s ankle. Sometimes Ramos is like a hero, sometimes he turns into a butcher.

Having to make guests on the Osasuna field, Real has many difficulties. The home team plays well and creates many difficulties for Real. The turning point of the match came from Ramos’s 2-1 goal at the end of the first half. Since then, Real has taken control of the match and has had a crisp victory.

Ramos’ hinged goal for Real came shortly after a strike on the ankle of Ruben Garcia, one of Osasuna’s best players. Ramos should have been fired, but by some miracle or luck, the referee did nothing.

It was a few minutes after Osasuna scored the opener, leading Real 1-0. The familiar tactic of Ramos’s career continues to be applied: to ‘treat’ the best player on the opponent’s side, exactly the same way he did with Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final in 2018.

Escaping the referee’s punishment, the Spanish center-back continued to lock down the detonators of the home team Osasuna after conceding early. In the 38th minute, Ramos completed a comeback for ‘White Vulture’ in the first half.

He officially surpassed Messi to become the first player to score in La Liga in 17 consecutive seasons. An incredible achievement for a player playing in the center of the position.

Ramos has scored a total of 114 goals for his country and club, more than Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial combined so far.

In this season, Ramos has scored 6 times, becoming the third highest goalscorer of Real, only behind Karim Benzema (18) and Rodrygo (7).

Whether hate or love Ramos, one can not deny that he is the type of defensive player that every team in the world has always dreamed of. Since 2008, when the football world began to remind about the Messi – Ronaldo race, Ramos has always been in the 11 best players in the world voted by FIFA or UEFA.

Ramos is about to turn 34 next month, and what he is doing shows that the Spanish midfielder deserves to be considered the perfect villain, in an era where football always adores beautiful superheroes. like Messi or Ronaldo.

What are the benefits of playing table tennis daily?

You are a regular participant in table tennis, but do you know what are the benefits of playing table tennis for your health and spirit?

Let’s find out interesting information to answer this question!

Today, table tennis is not only a sport played in the Olympics, but it has been a popular sport that many people participate in health promotion exercises. So why are table tennis so many enthusiasts and options like that?

According to the share of long-time table tennis players, playing table tennis brings a lot of benefits in terms of health, physical and mental. Specifically, playing table tennis has the following effects.

Firstly, table tennis is a sport to help you have a comprehensive health. Table tennis is a very good sport for the player’s health, especially good for the heart. Not only that, playing table tennis also helps you consume huge calories, train endurance and quick reaction, increase the sensitivity for eyes and limbs. On the other hand, with table tennis, you will be less likely to suffer serious and dangerous injuries such as fractures, head injuries… like other sports.

Secondly, table tennis is a very good sport for the brain. According to the latest research from scientists, when playing table tennis you will have to perform flexible reflexes, the brain must be active for tactics as well as remembering and responding to the ball phase has a very fast speed. This allows you to be more agile and more flexible in reflexes and thoughts. The benefit of table tennis to the brain is not inferior to chess.

Thirdly, table tennis helps you create challenges for yourself and practice racket habits over difficulties. You will always have new challenges for yourself to create different techniques, tactics, and hitting balls with your own personal impression. Therefore, it makes you try to overcome difficulties ahead.

Next, table tennis is a fun sport, helping you relax most comfortably after hours of hard labor. Whether playing professionally or not, this simple sport is still attracted by the high resistance. Beat or play for fun, you also have reasons to have jokes, moments of suspense and refreshing opportunities. The excitement of table tennis matches is not inferior to basketball or football matches.

Finally, table tennis is a sport to help you make new friends, very good for daily work. Recently, the image of the leaders of China – USA or USA – England happily fighting together at a table tennis table has spread everywhere. Even US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have been paired with students in a diplomatic operation. These are senior leaders, and for us table tennis can help you easily make new friends or maintain relationships that make it more convenient in daily life and work.

Principles of sports practice you should know

Exercise may bring a lot of health benefits, but for newcomers, learning and following the principles of exercise will help us achieve the best results and especially safety during practice.

Choose the sport that suits you

The first thing to be able to practice well is we need to choose the exercise that suits us best. This will depend on the fitness, health, and age of each person. If you have a health problem, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor or experts to make the best choice.

Don’t feel too hard in the first place because there are many sports that are easy to practice and suitable for many people like walking, jogging (can choose to walk outdoors or practice with the machine), swimming, yoga, cycling.

Always warm up your body before exercising

Warm-up before training is not to be missed when you exercise regardless of the sport. The start-up task is to help stretch the muscles and joints so that you can gradually get used to the intensity of the workout while helping the practitioner feel more excited, healthier for the training process after that and at the same time minimize the possible injuries during exercise.

Choose a suitable training time

The appropriate exercise time is neither early in the morning nor too late in the evening. Exercise too early, the body will remain in a state of rest and relaxation, the nervous system and endocrinology are also featured at night this will upset the normal circadian rhythm. On the contrary, exercising too late will make the body tired and may cause difficulty sleeping.

Do not practice overwhelmingly

In order for the training process to be smooth, you should apply the exercises that are suitable and suitable to your interests and do not force the body to follow exercises that are not suitable for the body as well as the workplace.


Overexertion will be very easy for the practitioner to be tired, exhausted, which can cause hypoglycemia or hypotension. The following signs indicate that you are overtraining such as headache mild, lightheaded, heart attack, fainting, chest pain, joint pain.

In order for the training process to be smooth, you should apply the exercises that are suitable to your interests and do not force the body to follow exercises that are not suitable for the body as well as the workplace.

If you are trying to improve your training intensity, don’t rush so that you can gradually adapt to the changes in the exercises. It is best to increase the intensity of the exercise to no more than 10-15% per week.

On the other hand, there are many people who think that maybe a week of 1-2 sessions and intense training can compensate for the days without practice. However, this is a completely wrong practice because it not only causes fatigue but also makes it possible to cause injuries during movement.

For best practice, keep the frequency of your training routine and regularly. However, when you are sick, you can rest to give your body time to recover your health, so do not force yourself.

Defeating Muguruza, Kenin won the Grand Slam for the first time

21-year-old Sofia Kenin (USA, 14) won the first Grand Slam title of her career by defeating former world No. 1 Garbine Muguruza (Spain) with a score of 2-1 (4/6, 6/2, 6/2) in the final round.

Not appreciated by the senior Muguruza in experience, when this was only the first time Kenin was attending a final of the Grand Slam system. In the meantime, Muguruza had two titles in the French Open and Wimbledon. It was this that made Kenin not play well in this match.

Even at the third table, the young American tennis player was broken by Muguruza. Although Kenin then tried hard to balance the score, but once again the experience of Muguruza was voiced and she continued to win the next serve of Kenin to win 6/4 in the first game. After this game, the youth and determination of Kenin began to develop.

With his powerful and accurate shots, Kenin completely overwhelmed Muguruza in the second game and won the game with a score of 6/2 after 2 goals of the senior. Uplifted and seemingly accustomed to the atmosphere of the big game, Kenin went on to create a game with a similar scenario of the game when he won with a score of 6/2.

With the victory after 2 hours and 3 minutes of competition, Kenin became the new queen of the world women’s tennis village when she won the first Grand Slam championship in her career. This is a result worthy of Kenin for his tireless efforts. This victory will bring Kenin for the first time to No. 7 in the world in his career.

The final match of the Australian Open will take place between Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 2) against Dominic Thiem (Austria, 5). This is a promising match, even though Djokovic is the defending champion of the tournament. Because in the last 5 meetings, Thiem had 4 wins against Djokovic.

Australia Open 2020: Kyrgios face Nadal after a marathon

The naughty player of the host country Nick Kyrgios (23) will have a confrontation considered a blockbuster with Rafael Nadal (Spain) after overcoming Karen Khachanov (Russia, 16) in round 3 with 3-2 after 4 hours 26 minutes on the 25th of January.

Under the enthusiastic support of the audience in Australia, Kyrgios and Khachanov created a match that is considered worth watching in the history of the felt ball village. In this match, after super-stirring Kyrgios got the first two games with the score 6/2 and 7/6. However, in the next two games, the Russian player with a determined spirit of play was removed in both series of tie-break wins.

The two continued to get the audience back when it was time for another fourth tie-break series. With his mischievousness and the enthusiastic cheering of the home audience, super rebellious had a victory with an extra score of 10/8 to win tickets to round 4. After the match, Kyrgios said that was crazy, and he didn’t even know what to say right then. He had no words to describe how he felt right then.

With this victory, Kyrgios will face Nadal in round 4, who also surpassed compatriot Pablo Carreno Busta (27) with a score of 3-0. The matches between Nadal and Kyrgios are always attractive and there are events that cost a lot of paper for the press. In the history of the previous confrontation, Nadal has won 4 matches and lost 3 matches against Kyrgios.

Other seeds in this division include Daniil Medvedev (Russia, 4), Dominic Thiem (Austria, 5), Alexander Zverev (Germany, 7), Gael Monfils (France, 10), Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland, 15) or Andrey Rublev (Russia, 17) also had victories to enter round 4. Certainly, this will be a very difficult branch for Nadal on the way to the Australian Open finals this year.

In the women’s singles, surprises occurred when the strong seeds of this match such as Karolina Pliskova (the Czech Republic, 2), Elina Svitolina (Ukraine, 5) and Belinda Bencic (Switzerland, 6) had easily losing matches. These failures will make this branch more attractive and the opportunity to equally divide the remaining players. However, the former two Grand Slam champions Angelique Kerber (Germany, 17) or Garbine Muguruza (Spain, 32) are still more highly valued for their war experience.

4 benefits of football to human health

Football is known as the king sport. Currently, this sport is very popular and popular around the world. There are thousands of teams, big and small, from hundreds of different countries practicing every day.

Why is football so popular? What are the benefits of soccer?

To help you answer this question, today we will provide 6 benefits that football brings to human health. Along the track to find out this useful knowledge of you.

Improved cardiovascular health

Each match has a time limit of 90 minutes. During that match, the players had to run an average of 8-11km. It is the continuous running at such a fast speed that helps them keep their heart rate high. This is similar when you perform cardiovascular health improvement exercises.

Improve cardiovascular health

Through constant exercise, it helps you reduce the risk of high blood pressure. At the same time, you reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes as well as some other chronic diseases. Besides, you will limit the formation of plaque with coronary arteries. This plaque is a sign of stroke, heart disease. As such, the benefit of soccer is to lower your blood pressure, to keep your heart healthy.

Benefits of soccer to muscles and bones

According to science, when people go to the aging process, the strength and density of bones will decrease. So for the players, the movement to support the body during the game is a great way to increase bone health.

Most physical training activities help people to get flexible and muscular. Especially with football, you also find there a lot of fun and excitement during practice.

Coming to this sport, almost all muscles of the body must work. The constant movement in soccer is an opportunity to improve muscle tone. The older people are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Therefore, the benefit of football is to limit that risk.

Football relieves stress

Football’s exercise system can help us regulate our moods and emotions. From there you will limit the negative thoughts. Those who are depressed or have trouble sleeping can practice soccer. In just a short time, your situation will definitely improve.

In addition, this king also helps to relax the mind. When you focus on watching the players play, you will temporarily forget about worries about life.

Real Madrid won the world social networking championship

Real Madrid has won the world championship when it becomes the team with the largest number of followers on social networks according to annual statistics of the specialized website Sports Intelligence.

By the end of November, Real Madrid had more than 223 million followers on its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. In particular, the Spanish Royal team is still the top in each individual social networking accounts although Zinadine Zidane’s army is struggling this season.

Second place is Barcelona, ​​who are currently in the La Liga rankings 2 points ahead of the Bernabeu Stadium (39 versus 37) before the winter break. Accordingly, the Catalan team has 213.6 million followers on the three social networks mentioned above, and affirms the dominance of the two football giants of Spain compared to the remaining teams.

The third and fourth places, respectively, belong to Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League, in which the number of followers of these two teams is also not equal to Barcelona. Old Trafford has 126 million followers on social networks, while Chelsea own more than 81 million.

Of the three social networking platforms mentioned above, Real Madrid and Barcelona are really hot on Facebook, where they have 110 and 103 million followers, respectively. La Liga has another member in the top 20, Atletico Madrid, the 15th place with nearly 27 million followers across all social networks, mostly from Facebook.

Football is almost exclusively on the list of the most followed teams in the world on social networks. The top 10 is dominated by clubs of five major European leagues, including the Premier League (5 clubs), La Liga (2) and Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 (each with 1 club). The team other than football with the largest number of followers on social networks is the Los Angeles Lakers Club from the leading basketball tournament in the USA (NBA), ranked 11th with 39 million followers. NBA also has the most members in the top 30 with a total of 7 teams.

According to AS newspaper, with the number of followers on social networks, Real Madrid Club President Florentino Pérez is believing in promoting advertising and marketing activities on this platform to expand the brand of the team around the globe. In particular, like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid is researching to have a separate page on Facebook to aim to make money through Facebook when subscribers will pay about 2.49 euros per month.

Meanwhile, despite being the most populous country in the world (about 1.4 billion people), China’s sports teams are outside the top 30, of which the team with the largest number of followers on Facebook is only reaching more than 100,000 people. This is understandable because China has its own social networking platforms, WeChat, Sina Weibo and Tencent.

Notes on jogging in the morning you need to know

Keep these in mind when jogging in the morning!

1. Before a morning jog, drink a glass of water. Start carefully and gently for about 5-10 minutes outdoors to give your body time to adjust to the outdoors before starting to run. If you jog outside, try to get up early to enjoy the morning air. 5-7 am is a good time to practice jogging.

2. The first time you run in the morning, you should only run for about 20 minutes, and practice jogging 3 sessions per week. After that, you should increase gradually to 15 minutes each time and increase the number of training sessions but the maximum you should only run less than 1 hour and 6 sessions per week. It is not good that you run too much, make your body tired and do not have time to rest for the muscles.

3. When starting to run, run slowly. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, then begin to gradually increase the speed. Pay attention to the right moves to work and avoid injuries. If you run at home with a treadmill, you should adjust the speed from 3-5km/h before gradually increasing the speed and slope up.

4. When you finish your morning jog, take time to relax, breathe deeply to avoid muscle pain, dizziness when stopping movement suddenly. After finishing morning jogging, you should rest for a while to dry sweat and return to normal heart rate before you take a bath, if you take a shower while you are still bathing you are very likely to catch a cold.

Foods to supplement after a morning jog

– Chicken breast: Chicken breast is very low in calories and is considered one of the healthiest foods for a meal of the day.

– Salmon: When it comes to seafood, there is no better alternative than salmon. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, salmon will help your body recover quickly.

– Bananas: This fruit contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that enhance the fitness and this is also a favorite dish of professional athletes.