Many people hate Ramos. But they cannot deny that he is the most interesting dash in the era of superheroes like Messi and Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have taken turns dominating world football for more than a decade. In the same period, Sergio Ramos built himself for another position. The Real center-back may not be as beloved as Messi or Ronaldo, but he’s undoubtedly the best butcher of football for more than 10 years.

Real Madrid’s 4-1 victory over Osasuna was recently a Ramos show. He scored, he kicked the opponent’s ankle. Sometimes Ramos is like a hero, sometimes he turns into a butcher.

Having to make guests on the Osasuna field, Real has many difficulties. The home team plays well and creates many difficulties for Real. The turning point of the match came from Ramos’s 2-1 goal at the end of the first half. Since then, Real has taken control of the match and has had a crisp victory.

Ramos’ hinged goal for Real came shortly after a strike on the ankle of Ruben Garcia, one of Osasuna’s best players. Ramos should have been fired, but by some miracle or luck, the referee did nothing.

It was a few minutes after Osasuna scored the opener, leading Real 1-0. The familiar tactic of Ramos’s career continues to be applied: to ‘treat’ the best player on the opponent’s side, exactly the same way he did with Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final in 2018.

Escaping the referee’s punishment, the Spanish center-back continued to lock down the detonators of the home team Osasuna after conceding early. In the 38th minute, Ramos completed a comeback for ‘White Vulture’ in the first half.

He officially surpassed Messi to become the first player to score in La Liga in 17 consecutive seasons. An incredible achievement for a player playing in the center of the position.

Ramos has scored a total of 114 goals for his country and club, more than Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial combined so far.

In this season, Ramos has scored 6 times, becoming the third highest goalscorer of Real, only behind Karim Benzema (18) and Rodrygo (7).

Whether hate or love Ramos, one can not deny that he is the type of defensive player that every team in the world has always dreamed of. Since 2008, when the football world began to remind about the Messi – Ronaldo race, Ramos has always been in the 11 best players in the world voted by FIFA or UEFA.

Ramos is about to turn 34 next month, and what he is doing shows that the Spanish midfielder deserves to be considered the perfect villain, in an era where football always adores beautiful superheroes. like Messi or Ronaldo.