Son Heung-min’s famous striker Son Heung-min was quarantined in England after returning to London from his home country of South Korea, the country where the outbreak of Covid-19.

Son Heung-min was isolated in London to prevent the spread of Covid-19. According to the British press, Tottanham’s star striker has just returned to South Korea to undergo surgery on his right arm fracture. Son Heung-min was injured in the match he scored to help Tottenham win Aston Villa 3-2 in the English Premier 2 weeks ago.

After being diagnosed, Son is likely to have to leave the end of this season. This is a huge loss for Jose Mourinho’s army when the Korean star has always been indispensable since he came to lead the London team.

According to The Sun, after completing the surgery in South Korea, the 27-year-old striker was immediately forced to quarantine to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The reason is that Korea is a country heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Last week, Son performed surgery in an area less than 200 km from the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in South Korea. Therefore, following the British government’s recommendations, to avoid infecting others, Son was isolated for 14 days in his London home.

According to The Sun, this non-mandatory quarantine has raised a lot of rumors and doubts that Son may be infected with Covid-19. However, with the Kimchi striker, the isolation does not have too many problems because he is also in the process of recovering from injuries.

However, Son will have to be patient in isolation because he will be banned from training sessions to greet his teammates due to local health authorities’ regulations.

Currently, Tottenham is showing signs of decline when it drops to 5th Premier League. In round 28, Mourinho’s army will face no small challenge when welcoming Wolves is flying high.