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Learn about the long history of football sport in the world

Football is a sport with a long history, receiving the attention of billions of people. This is a subject that brings a lot of inspiration and spirit to people. However, not everyone knows football history. To learn more about this favorite sport in the UK, check out the following articles!

Where did football come from?

Football is a popular sport, available in every country. Therefore, many questions raise the origin of football from which country. This is a long-standing sport with many techniques, rules, and forms of organization in many countries.

The ancient football hometown originated in China

So many people speculated football originated in England. Because England is known as the home of football. But in fact, this is not. England is just a ticketing country to show fans the first football matches.

So where does football come from? According to information from FIFA, the oldest football is called chrysanthemum. The sport originated in China in the 2nd or 3rd century BC. Football appeared in the Han Dynasty, and this is a physical exercise for the Han army.

Then football became a different version in some countries such as Kemari in Japan, Episkyros in Greece, Harpastum in Rome.

Football history is formed through the ages

In the above section, we can see the homeland of ancient football that originated in China. After this, football has been improved and changed over time according to many different laws and techniques. Specifically, football formed through the following stages:

Ancient football history

Football was born around the 2nd or 3rd century BC in China. From the mid-19th century, football was popular in several English schools. The football club founded in 1824 as “The Football Club” is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Football was born around the 2nd or 3rd century BC in China

By 1850, formed some amateur football. The highlight is the Sheffield FC club. This is the world’s oldest club in existence. In 1886, the International Football Association Board, abbreviated as IFAB, was established in Manchester. The team is under the management of Scotland, football associations Ireland, Wales, and the FA.

It is also the agency responsible for regulating world football law. By the early 20th century, football was thriving and there was a need for an agency to oversee football matches. By 2008, FIFA had more than 200 countries participating as members. Up to now, world football has turned to a more professional level.

English football has a headache with the transfer after Brexit

Britain officially left the European Union from February 1, 2020. A new era opened up with a lot of changes in the rules in the future relationship of England in all areas. English football is also facing great challenges with the workforce turned upside down.

With the United Kingdom out of the European Union, the English national football championship, the Premier League is at a crossroads. The Premier League is Europe’s most lucrative tournament, beyond the sport and becoming the most watched entertainment industry in the world, first of all thanks to the contribution of players from around the world.

Two thirds of internal players has gone to foreign football teams

More than 330 foreign players currently play for 20 Premier League clubs, which accounts for 65% of the Premier League’s population. The majority of the foreign players mentioned above come from countries in the European Union, enjoying the common community status.

While England was a member of the European Union, they played football in England without having to apply for a work permit on the basis of the general rules of the free circulation of property and people.

But from now on when Brexit is a reality, the game will change. Non-English players will need to apply for a work permit. The legal procedures as well as the criteria for obtaining a license to play football in the UK are very strict and complicated.

The changes

Players who want to play in England must prove they do not occupy the labor market of the English players and they must be players who have had a certain number of caps for their country’s national team or they must Gain a certain value in the transfer market.

In addition, the UEFA European Football Association also stipulates in a match that only 5 players outside the European Union can register to play. Previously, players from the Union who came to England to play football were considered domestic players.

The rule has allowed Arsenal or Manchester City clubs to launch the starting line-up without any English players. This situation is now over. EU players are now classified as foreign players like other countries. Besides, they must comply with the quota of 5 players per game.


Such changes will upset the staff of the clubs and affect the quality of the Premier League, the most attractive football tournament on the planet and the most money in the world. The English national football championship is the most widely televised tournament in the world with huge TV royalties.