Group and individual sports help students improve their ability to integrate and train teamwork when working in a team.

Today, students often do not have much time to participate in extracurricular activities because they have to complete a large amount of homework after school hours. While academic achievement determines academic success, participating in extracurricular activities will bring them great benefits both physically and personally.

Extracurricular clubs include sports, activities that promote creativity, build confidence, develop teamwork skills, time management skills and leadership skills. Among them, sport is a useful extracurricular activity, helping children to be active, better understand themselves and develop comprehensively.

Healthy body

One of the most obvious and important benefits when participating in sports is the ability to improve gross and fine motor skills. Individuals who participate in sports as a child will form a more active lifestyle as adults. They should also try a variety of sports activities when they are young to see which one they like best and which one is best for them.

Discipline, set scientific goals and perseverance

Sport always requires patience, will, how to set goals so that science and discipline when participating in exercise. In each training session, the students must make continuous efforts to improve their tactics, comply with the time and abide by the regulations.

In particular, competitive sport is often associated with a goal and ends with an established tournament or record. This gives students the opportunity to learn about setting realistic goals and how to work effectively to achieve them.

Develop face-to-face skills

In each person’s life, no one is inevitable failure. For children, knowing how to face winning and losing is important because this has a significant impact on the future.

In a healthy sport environment, losing or winning are all a special experience. Learning how to face defeat will give you the opportunity to look back and improve yourself to achieve more positive results in the future. These skills are directly related to their daily lives, especially at school.

Learn to work in groups, play fair

Through organized and safely supervised sporting activities, students will constantly learn about the value of teamwork, law compliance and effective communication. Team sport helps children improve their ability to integrate into the community, to connect closely with peers and train team spirit, sacrifice for the collective. All of these life skills will build up in every student during school or home study sessions.